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All services require a commitment on both ends, building a relationship, and trust! Because there is no one size fits all, action plans, results, timespan, etc. will vary based on each unique individual/situation.
My Services



Address and assist in the completion of the 11-step business start-up process including writing a business plan, marketing mix/plan, and resources.


Business Growth & Development

Assess current business status and/or business plan, including structure, operations, marketing tactics, and policies and procedures. Create a plan of action geared toward growth and development.


Personal Growth & Development

Assess personal core principles (morals, ethics, beliefs), behavioral practices/patterns, financial practices/patterns, current status, and desired status. Create a plan of action geared toward personal growth and development.



Reach goals by being held accountable for your actions. This may include, but is not limited to, assigning homework (task list), check-ins via phone/email, giving deadlines or incentives for reaching goals/completing tasks, and consequences for not hitting targets



A personable approach to helping you reach your goals. Be it business,  personal goals, or a combination of both, I'll advise and teach according to methods that best suit your precise needs and desires. This involves assessment(s) and a moderate amount of one-on-one time. 

My Approach

To say I am simply a business coach or life coach is perceptually limiting to the services I can provide to assist in greatness being achieved…I am an “Advocate of Consciousness”

It is my passion and mission to assist with personal and/or business development. I strive to help increase awareness between your current state and your desired state on both a conscious and physical level! My purpose is to expose the greatness in you!

About me

Wendie Blair, B.S.,
is a Business & Life Coach and Entrepreneur on a lifelong mission to help people turn their personal and business goals to reality by encouraging them to tap into their greatest potential.

Packages & Pricing

I offer FREE consultations so we can discuss your needs. Following the consultation, I will recommend an individual one-time follow up session or monthly package for maximum support.


Free Consultations


Group Packages


Individual Packages


"Since working with Wendie, I have been able to reach more of my goals then I expected and she has been there every step of the way making sure I reached my full potential. She holds you accountable and will truly help you reach your full potential with personal and business goals.
~Kayla Bankhead



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