Friday Feature

It's "Feature a Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur Friday"! I am so very pleased to have met todays' feature several years back. We were both attending a networking event and were lost. Each of us, unknowingly, searching for the suite the event was being held in, ended up in the elevator together.

Courteous chit chat, between strangers, made us realize we were both there for the same reason and were searching for the same suite/event.

Little did I know, at the time, I had just been introduced to greatness! When I tell you this woman's story is tear jerkingly powerful, that doesn't even begin to describe all that she is, shares, has, etc.

The highlight and Friday feature, Miss Tina A. Hobson

About Tina A. Hobson, BSW, LSW

Tina A. Hobson has been in the helping profession for over 25 years, working as a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio. Ms. Hobson received her BA in Social Work from Capital University in Columbus Ohio and attended John Carroll University where she studied Mental Health Counseling. Ms. Hobson has managed many social service programs including those associated with The State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. The Greater Cleveland Drug Court Program is one that she is proud of, giving first time drug abuse offenders a chance to turn their lives around without having a criminal record.

Tina Hobson, BSW, LSW

Tina speaks publicly and advocates for women’s rights including prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking. She sponsors and hosts Women’s Empowerment events. Tina has spoken to thousands educating on the devastation of addiction to alcohol and other drugs by telling her personal experience of being delivered from 20 plus years of using everything from alcohol to crack cocaine. Tina believes that her deliverance from alcohol and other drugs is the greatest thing that she offers the community and the world.

Tina is a Multi #1 International Best Selling Author with a new bun in the oven as we speak.

Tina is The CEO and Producer of I Am A Superwoman Radio Network LLC. I Am A Superwoman Radio addresses relevant women’s issues, providing empowerment, inspiration, education, and motivation.

Tina has sat on the Board of Directors of The May Howard Community Project along with The Henry Johnson Center, the Eastside Ecumenical Consortium and The Women’s Entrepreneurs of America.

Tina has volunteered at the Center for Dialysis Care where she humbly and happily sent out birthday cards monthly to patients who may n