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Friday Feature

It's that time again, it's "Feature A Small Business Owner/Entrpreneur Friday"!

Todays' feature is Ms E! I met Ms E through a networking community we both belong to.

She has the best loaves in town! It is with great pleasure that I feature her today as a small business owner/entrepreneur!

Who is Ms E? Well, she is an Author, Baker, Organizer & Relationship Coach.

Her entrepreneurship journey began officially in April 2007, with Ms E's Home Re-Organization, where she cleans and organizes homes & offices. In September 2008, Ms E's Glory Loaves, which is a VERY tasty version of cinnamon raisin bread, hit the market. In 2011, she published her book: Are You Sure that YOU are Ready? ~ A Single's Guide to Preparing for Marriage. The accompanying workbook was published in 2016. While writing the first book, she realized her call & passion for relationships and helping others. This, combined with recognizing the comfort that men & women had to talk to her, she decided to get certified to professionally help them. She obtained several certifications through the AACC, including their Coaching certifications for Relationship, Premarital and Marriage Coach during the summer of 2013. She's also certified as a Relationship Facilitator for Prepare-Enrich. Copies of her book and workbook can be purchased on Amazon and through her website. In connection with her book & workbook, Are You Sure that You Are Ready?~A Single's Guide to Preparing for Marriage, she host an event called Coffee & Conversation now every 3rd Friday of the month at the Cafe Phix Midtown in Cleveland, Ohio where both singles & couples come together to discuss various relationship topics. Ms E has accepted that God has put her on assignment to get His word out and to help singles and couples in the process. She's not trying to preach, just simply talk, listen and inform as many that are open to the process of how to improve their relationships/marriages and make healthier choices. To contact Ms E, you can follow her on Social media: FB: MsE Thornton, pages for each of the businesses and the group AYSTYAR; IG: mse_baker_organizer; YouTube channel: AYSTYAR  All of her websites are connected so we'll give you only one here:

Ms E - Author & Relationship Coach 216.288.1800

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