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It All Begins Somewhere!

What is going on party people!? I am feeling a bit motivated to share this personal story today as it is the corner stone of First Wakeups and all that it means to me. You see I retired from the Navy about two years ago, and that is an accomplishment I am very proud of, though it isn't the most important part of the story at all. At about my 17 1/2 year point of my career, I quit. Yup, I knocked on my Commanding Officers door and told him that I couldn't do it anymore. My physical health was as it's best at the time while my mental health had been degrading for years and I was at a point where I had begin questioning if I should end it all. And at that moment I was finally admitting the truth to the person and community that demanded the highest amount of physical and mental toughness and those who "quit" were looked downed upon, discarded, and shunned. I was removed from the ship immediately and sent to a holding command where discarded things are kept. My evals were top notch and leadership didn't, couldn't, or chose not to understand why I would have done what I did. The truth was that I was at a moment in my life where my mind and body were demanding that I acknowledge those things which I desired most and hold them up against all of my own limiting and self sacrificing beliefs. It demanded that I started acting on my own behalf or it would ultimately shut down, permanently. First Wakeups was born from me hitting the hard stop of my mental health, which when looked at objectively is the ultimate risk. A risk that we choose to overlook as we pile on more of what we don't really want in order to maybe get a a swiping chance at the carrot on the stick. This is a cultural epidemic that I would guess that each one of you who is reading this has experienced or know someone close to you who is experiencing this. Why do you we choose to overwhelm ourself when our basic needs are met? A Culture or Fear is what I believe the answer is and exactly what First Wakeups is about working against. How do we begin to take steps based on the things we love, truly value, and feel we are here to accomplish in our life? Well, the first part is simple, yet not necessarily easy. Stop dong the things that aren't truly serving you. For me, it was military service that didn't align with my purpose. For you, it could be a relationship, a job, eating habits, or otherwise. It doesn't have to be all at once like I did, and I actually wouldn't recommend that tactic. Yet, I was up against a wall where I was considering the end of my life. That may be you, it may not be and there is a definite slider or urgency for us individually. If you have read this far, then perhaps you are willing to take the next step. Here is a link to 6 Simple Steps, a video series on how to get started. Starting is everything. What happens if you don't start? Nothing happens. You remain exactly the same, in the same situation, AND that is not how we change the world. For more information email me at and for community join the Facebook group First Wakeups Inner Cirlce. Don't hesitate to reply to this email with any questions as I look forward to speaking to you. This is your First Wakeup. Ryan Charaba First Wakeups LLC

Ryan Charaba is the principal life changer at First Wakeups, a different approach to coaching that is all about self discovery, self expression, and living your life 100% you.

His one on one programs, training products, and podcast have one single unifying vision at their core; to create a space where you are more able to show up exactly how you want to be in any given moment of your life. Ryan is a Coach, Podcaster, Dungeon Master, and Retired Navy Chief.

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