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What should you do with advice?

I want to talk to you about getting advice, suggestions, etc. The overall objective to joining groups, masterminds, etc. is to help others, learn from others, and grow with and via others.

One of the most important things you can learn and should know in the midst of this, is, there is no one size fits all!!!! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own or are starting – I’ll say it again – THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

Every bit of advice, suggestions, information you obtain from any source, including myself, should be used as a guide. This is important!!

Here’s what I mean…

What works for one person/company may not always work for another!

Let’s use marketing as an example!

Have you ever been told, “you have to go out and meet your targets in person” and pretty much give them your pitch? Then you consistently do this the exact way you were told to, only with no results. So, you’re told, “just keep doing it and be patient, it will pay off”. Six months to a year later….NOTHING!

You think to yourself, “I don’t understand, I’m following everything that was told to me exactly how it was told to me”. What am I doing wrong?

The answer is, you’re following someone else rather than leading you!!

Let me be clearer!

The information, advice, suggestions that come your way via groups, masterminds, mentors, etc. is coming from a good place and from people who want you to succeed – generally speaking. However, there is more behind their proven success than specific step-by-step actions. Especially when it comes to marketing in person.

What else plays a significant role?

· Speaking ability

· Personality

· Character

· Energy

· Vibe

· Confidence

· Knowledge


Your business is a reflection of you!!!

Use the information, advice, suggestions you receive as a guide. Take it and make the necessary alterations until it maximizes you and your character, personality, business, and is now an appealing reflection of you, not the person that gave you the info.

E.g. If you know you are not a personable person but because someone else advised you to go out and meet referral entities yourself and pitch them you do it, you may not have much success.

There are other ways to build a positive relationship with those entities.

After all, we are in a digital age!

Besides, if that is what everyone else is doing and you’re trying to be different and stand out, why would you follow suit?

Think about it! Think outside the box!

By no means am I saying not to take advice, suggestions, or information who have done what you’re trying to do. I’m simply saying, use it as a guide to establish your own unique existence!

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