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How can I stand out from the crowd?

More than likely you already do! What do I mean? We are all our own unique person. It is our individual uniqueness that makes us stand apart from someone/everyone else. Sure, we all have commonalities that make us susceptible to being put into stereotypic groups; none-the-less, we are all different.

One thing I see many people doing to be different (stand out from the crowd) is mimicking what they are told or what they see others doing in attempts to be different. Do you see the problem here?

***mimicking is not different***

So, what should you do? Be your authentic self!! You are already different. What you really seek is a way to make others aware of your individual uniqueness.

You must first search within! Ask yourself, what makes me different? How am I unique? Think of the people in your circle. What do they say about you? Think of those you have been in an intimate relationship with. What stood out about you to them? Consider not just what makes you different, but also the “why”. Is your difference something you just are? Is it a choice? Why are you different in the way that you are?

Use your findings to the questions above to establish a plan on how you can use your authenticity as an asset. Even if your uniqueness is something you perceive as quirky, you can still maximize on it. E.g. you are OCD. You view this negatively because it is a diagnosed condition – so it must be negative, right? Wrong! The meticulous nature associated with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) can be used as an asset.

Believe it or not, precision is not so common anymore!

You want to stand out from the crowd – stop mimicking the crowd and maximize on your authentic self!

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