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Is Your Mind Holding Your Business Captive?

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Have you ever felt like you’re doing everything you should be doing for your business yet there is no change or growth? Your business is stagnant while your efforts are ongoing! You ask yourself “what am I doing wrong”.

Most often when this occurs it can be very confusing and discouraging. Maybe you bought into a course, program, mentor, etc. and have followed all the suggested actions to growing your business and have yet to see any results. What should you do?

First: recognize that there is no one size fits all!

Young entrepreneurs tend to put a little too much faith in those who precede them. I mean this in a literal sense. It’s perfectly okay to seek out and put faith in those that have done what you are trying to do. However, it is important to recognize what information should be taken figuratively vs. literally.

Let me explain!

What works and doesn’t work is not only established by “proven” processes. MLM’s are a great example. You have people that invest in MLM and are very successful. On the other hand, you have people that invest in the same MLM that are not, even though they followed the process the same as the successful people. I’m sure you have heard “everything is not for everybody”. That phrase is parallel to “there’s no one size fits all”. The reason for this is that characteristics and personality traits play a larger role than you may realize to success. What good is it to give a vegetarian beef?

You must find the balance between your faith in those that precede you and faith in your own ability. Use the tools and information provided and make them yours! Do not attempt to mimic, literally, another individual who differs from your own characteristics and personality. Believe in who you are! When you do this, you will know what information provided is to be used as a guide vs. literally used and make it your own. Your individual greatness will shine through and you will see growth in how you are received.

Free your business from your mind!

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