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Keeping The Faith!

Good morning sista! I hope you are having an AMAZING Tuesday!! Every once in a while in life we feel down-cast, hopeless, unable to move forward or press on. Those moments are natural, but how do we shake them off? Now as women of God, there are several things we can do to lift our spirit and continue to crush our goals and accomplish the work of the Lord. Skeptical? Don't believe me? As always I have proof! Let's see what the Word says about your hopelessness... Five Ways to Straighten Your Crown 1. Pray! This one may seem mundane, however, we must talk to the One who cared enough to save us, who loves us, and who gave His son so that we may live and NOT DIE! Talking to our Heavenly Father is ESSENTIAL to our wellbeing and tbh (to be honest) when we cast our cares on Him, we feel grounded and the Earth comes to a standstill. He wants to hear from you, please open up and tell Him everything. Remember, your normal voice is JUST fine :) You can do this! 2. Your Bible! Your Bible is your sword! You wouldn't get into an argument with your husband or boyfriend without your file cabinet (haha). You must stay sharp and read your Bible, I complete devotionals to keep me motivated and centered! 3.  Bless Others! Being able to bless others even if it is small is so important. There is always someone in the world that is doing worse than you are. Understanding truly how fortunate you are will help you to have a new outlook on life. God smiles upon those that bless others. Be a blessing today! 4. Remember Who You Are! Girl you are chosen to be a fabulous princess; like in Disney, but better (haha)! Keeping sight of you being a King's kid is so important. Think about it you are not some random king's kid, you THE KING's kid! This makes you royalty! If you truly walked in this calling so many things would be beneath you, such as gossip, doubt, bad relationships, etc. However, as women sometimes we lose sight of who we are and whose we are. You are royalty. Hold ya head UP!!! 5. Seek Professional Help! Now hunni, if you notice that these feelings of hopelessness are lingering or are causing you to have thoughts of not being on Earth anymore, then please talk to someone. As you know I am always here for you virtually! I will do my best to help you fix your crown and continue on with your life! Please connect with me when you are ready to talk :) However, if you decide to talk to someone else that is perfectly fine (I will still love you), just please get help! I love you my sisters and stay EMPOWERED!! Love you always, Samantha R. White, C.P.C.

Samantha R. White, C.P.C.

Samantha R. White, C.P.C. is your trusted Christian Wellness Coach. As a certified professional coach, she has been helping women break the chains of depression, disgruntled relationships and low self-esteem by offering her support, professionalism and Christian principles. She has spent her life helping women transition from emotional pain to peace. She has an extensive educational background including a Masters in Developmental Psychology and a Bachelors in Business Management minor in Psychology. She is a Coach, speaker, and author. She offers consultations and coaching sessions to women who are ready to take control of the life God gave them.

Contact me in the midst of your emotional pain,

Samantha R. White, C.P.C.

The Christian Wellness Coach

Helping women break the chains of depression, disgruntled relationships and low self-esteem 💛

Consult Positivity, LLC.

(910) 759- 6373

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