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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Hey everyone! I want to welcome you to my new website and my 1st blog post! I am so excited to begin this journey helping others discover their greatness within! There are so many different ways I can help through a variety of packages I have created where you can get one-to-one support in my sessions or learn as a group. Check out all the options here.

I am an owner of multiple businesses, a life coach and entrepreneur on a lifelong mission to help people turn their personal and business goals into reality by encouraging them to tap into their greatest potential. As an Advocate of Consciousness who is continually dedicated to creating positive change, I constantly strive to assist clients in becoming mindful of where they are right now and then provide a tailored action plan for their desired state. Learn more about me here.

I am excited to launch this business and had a good experience bringing my brand and vision to life with the help of Shannon Ketvertes of 216BranDrive. As my marketing partner, she helped to create a business plan and executed all the marketing necessary to help me prepare me for clients - and I can't wait to meet all the new wonderful people I am going to work with and help through this business. We have launched and now it is time to get to work! Let me help you discoverer the greatness that is in you!

I believe in you,

Wendie Blair

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