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Write Down Your Thoughts/Ideas!

Don’t just leave your thoughts and ideas in your head. Write them down!!

Writing down your thoughts/ideas is encouragement for action. What do I mean? When we take a thought/idea and transfer it from our mind to paper/print we have completed an action. To be more precise, we have completed the very first step/action of the transformation process. Action begets action!!!


· Thoughts/ideas

· Write it down

· Organize

· Start planning

· Implement Plan

We all have thought/ideas. If they stay just that, a thought/idea, the chances of proceeding to the next phase decreases. On the other hand, the act of writing down your thoughts/ideas increases the probability of advancing to the next phase. Viewing your thoughts/ideas in writing commonly prompts a need! A need to organize/categorize said thoughts/ideas. Or should I say, dwell upon what you are viewing in a systematic manner that leads to revised writing. The feeling that is aroused when completing the phase of organizing your thoughts/ideas is parallel to delightful achievement. Positive emotions increase dopamine and serotonin levels which then drive the desire to maintain this positive feeling. Therefore, we are more inclined to move on to the next phase of planning.

I will not go on to complete all five transformation phases as the point here is not the transformation process in itself, but the relative manner in which it begins.

I’ll say it again… ACTION BEGETS ACTION!

Take the first step of acting on your thoughts/ideas by writing them down!

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