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You Can Say No, I won't Allow This!

In college I had to take an ethics course as a prerequisite. The first week of class was mostly introductions, review of syllabus, and introductory information on the topic. I observed and retained! At the end of the first week we (the students) were asked if we had any concerns, questions, etc. before beginning the second week. I politely raised my hand…

What did I have to say/ask?

“With all due respect, during this past/first week of class I have watched you (the professor) show biased behavior, respond in a dismissive manner to students, ideas, statements, and questions, become impatient when you were not being understood, and even resort to belittling others. (a brief example was given for each claim I made).” I then informed the professor that due to what I had observed I could not in good conscious allow him to teach me ethics. I politely excused myself from the room and headed to the office to get placed in a different ethics class.

So, why am I telling you this?

You cannot allow just anyone to lead you and/or educate you! “Choice” is a right that you have! If you allow someone you believe to be unethical to teach you/lead you in ethics what will you really learn? Where will you get led to? #Choice #Sheep #Leaders #ChooseWisely #ExposeYourGreatness

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