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Your “why” must run deep!

The cold hard truth is, there is not a business or industry that exists that will not test your commitment and endurance.

When starting and running a business it’s common to feel a mixture of emotions (fear, excitement, anxiety, etc.). It is also common to think things will work out exactly how we envisioned and/or planned and with tons of support from our family and friends.

Unfortunately, this is more of a naivety than a reality.

The reality is:

Ø No one cares as much about your dream as you do.

Ø Unexpected events will cause delays.

Ø Distractions will get you off track.

Ø You may have more haters than true supporters.

Ø You will waste money due to lack of knowledge/understanding.

Ø You may struggle with people not taking your business seriously.

Ø You will lose relationships, sleep, and money.

Ø You will, at times, second guess/doubt yourself.

Ø You will get/feel overwhelmed

I could go on-and-on, but you get the gist.

There are many positive greats things attached to starting and running your own business – but those things don’t test your commitment and endurance. The negative aspects do.

How you handle and overcome the negatives is directly related to your commitment towards your venture. Your commitment is what will determine your endurance level. Your “why” is what will dictate how committed you are and how you will endure the frustrations of starting and running a business.

If you’re going into an industry such as senior care and you’re in it just for the money both your level of commitment and endurance will run low. This is not likely to produce success or long-term success.

Whatever it is you choose to do as a business, your “why” must run deep. You must be passionate about your reason and desire to pursue your chosen field/industry in order to have sustainable commitment and endurance.

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