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Why Complete A Task Analysis?

It is most common to provide a job description to new hires, but is that enough? What happens when/if you hire someone, have provided a description of their job duties, and they still do not perform to your satisfaction? Not because they are not doing a good job at the tasks they are completing, but because they are not completing all the tasks they are responsible for.

For example: I have heard people state that they have hired someone as an office assistant and/or supervisor that doesn’t seem to know what to do, even though they were provided with their job description.


Let’s get one thing clear! Giving a newly hired person a job description of their duties is not enough. Just because someone’s experience and/or ability qualifies them for a specific position does not mean they know exactly what to do for YOUR COMPANY.

Every business is different! What a person does for one company, as, say an office assistant, may not be the same, or done the same way, for another company.

It is your (the company’s) responsibility to make sure that the person(s) you hire are clear as to their duties. Not just a description of what task(s) are to be performed (typical job description). Complete and utilize a task analysis. This will help to clarify their role/duties with your company rather than just their title. If you want employees to work efficiently and independently, it is upon you to show them exactly how this is to be done for your company.

A task analysis can be used in addition to standard training. Standard training typically offers an overall introduction to the company and your new role, depending on the position. A task analysis breaks down the common job description to a more detailed instructional process of the individualized components that are necessary to complete any given task.

If your employee(s) are unsure as to what they can/should do the fault may be your own, not theirs. You may want to reconsider how you, as a business, do things. Try utilizing a task analysis!

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